Located between Brussels and Lille, at the crossroads of Europe, Ath is rich of a wonderful historical past. Its exceptional folklore was recognised by UNESCO in 2005 as intangible heritage.

The most wonderful example is its Ducasse, a colourful processions of floats and giant puppets taking place every year since 1481. The favourite part of the event is the reenactment of the biblical story of David slaying Goliath on the Grand'Place. The latter is no less than 4 metres high, quite a sight! This vibrant event is a real tradition, loved by all generations. Locals will gladly share with you memories of seeing it as a child with their parents and grandparents. It is as much looked forward as Christmas! No matter your age, it simply steals your heart.

What to see in Ath:


The Maison des Géants (the Giants' house) in Ath: an impressive museum in Wallonia

Maison des géants - Ath - UNESCO - patrimoine immatériel - animaux fantastiques
In November 2005, UNESCO added to its list of intangible cultural heritage the giants and fantasy figures of 9 Belgian and French cities.


The Espace Gallo-Romain in Ath and its remarkably preserved vessels

chaland à l'espace gallo-romain de Ath
The boats and archaeological artefacts presented at the Espace Gallo-romain are the results of an exceptional discovery made in Pommeroeul in 1975. Join us on a journey through time to learn more about the Romans in Ath.

Tour Burbant, a medieval dungeon in Ath

Tour Burbant - donjon - médiéval - Ath
From the Château d’Ath, in the historic centre of the city of giants, remains a fortified dungeon dating back to the 12th century.