The commune of Viroinval, near the Belgium-France border, is half way between Charleville (France) and Charleroi (Wallonia). Composed of three different geological regions (Fagne schisteuse, Calestienne and Ardenne), it offers an increadible diversity for such a small area. Its stunning landscapes and viewpoints, exceptional flora and fauna earned it the designation of Natural Park.

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What to see in Viroinval

Viroin-Hermeton's Parc Naturel fair

Viroin-Hermeton hosts every year a cheerful fair in its Parc Naturel - join the fun the third weekend of October 2019!


The Jardins d'Ô in Nismes

Jardins d'O in Nismes: an ecological adventure aboard an electric boat
The Viroin valley, with its picture-perfect landscapes, offers a wonderful selection of nature walks. Among these are the Jardins d’Ô, a pure invite to relax.

Espace Arthur Masson | Theatre in Treignes

Discover school as it was in the 1930s at the Espace Arthur Masson
The Espace Arthur Masson, dedicated to the Belgian writer Arthur Masson, proposes an original visit in the heart of the superb Viroin valley in Belgium

Steam railway of the three valleys, in Mariembourg et Treignes

Enjoy a travel through time aboard the authentic steam train in the three valleys, between Mariembourg and Treignes
Enjoy a travel through time aboard this authentic steam train, a wonderful way to discover the Viroin and Haute-Meuse valleys in Wallonia.

Musée du Malgré-Tout & Prehistoric park at Treignes

Archéologie - antiquité - préhistoire - musée - Malgré-Tout - Treignes
Museum of archeology: temporary exhibitions (all year round), regional archeology, animations, guided tours of archaeological sites, computer space

The Fête de Toine Culot - a tribute to Walloon writer Arthur Masson in Treignes

Discover school as it was in the 1930s at the Espace Arthur Masson
The festive weekend, organised by L'Espace Arthur Masson, pays tribute to this Belgian writer, famous for its many books taking Wallonia's countryside and villages as background. His most famous character is Toine Culot, mayor of the fictional village of Trignolles, celebrated during this festival.