Aubechies, one of the prettiest villages in Wallonia | Province of Hainaut

  • Aubechies: one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia - belltower - internal courtyard - blue sky
  • The most beautiful villages of Wallonia

Nestled in the Plaines de l’Escaut nature park, Aubechies offers the perfect green setting for walks. The village's rich architectural heritage will help you travel back in time...

Traditional houses

Aubechies' charm is partly due to its preserved architecture.  The characterfullhouses and farms, the stunning Romanesque church make it particularly picturesque. Take 2 km walk through the village and area to fully appreciate the beauty of the local red bricks, roof tiles and, here and there, gables made of sandstone.

An archeological journey

Looking for something exceptional? Make sure to stop by the reconstitution of a Gallo-Roman villa at the Archéosite: a fantastic place to learn about the region from the Neolithic to the Roman period. Children love it too!

Enjoy the local gastronomy

Time for a treat! The Saint Géry tavern, on the village's square, is an aboslute must. This tavern's friendly atmosphere and fascinating decoration is sure to seduce you. It's the perfect place to try a regional speciality, paired with one of the 135 beers featured on the menu.

Also worth a stop in the area: the Dupont brewery and Jacquy Cange, master cheesemonger.



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