Every summer, Mons commemorates the liberation of the city in 1945 with an impressive display of World War 2 military equipment. In the spring, the Ducasse creates a completely different atmosphere, bringing together the townsfolk for a festival that lasts several days. As for art, you can discover the new talent of the region every autumn.

La Ducasse de Mons — Mid-May/Mid-June

The Ducasse is a great moment of the folklore of Mons which is on the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of the Oral and the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Four stages mark this event – the taking down of the shrine from its altar, the procession of the Car d’Or (a gilded carriage), the raising of the Car d’Or and the Battle of “Lumeçon” between St George and the dragon. This weekend is also the occasion to take advantage of concerts, a lantern procession, flea market, etc.

Tanks In Town — August/September

During a weekend, this commemoration unique in its kind celebrates the liberation of the town of Mons during the Second World War. The 3rd U.S. Army Armored Division, Tanks In Town, organise a wonderful concentration of tanks each year. Trucks, jeeps and other military vehicles also invade the historic centre of Mons.

Parcours d’artistes — October/November

Many exhibition centres, sometimes unusual, open their doors in the heart of the town for two weekends. They showcase the work of the region’s young artists. This artists’ trail is also an occasion to (re)discover the town in a new light.