Has climbing (up or down) the Lion's Mound 226 steps or hiking/cycling in the nearby countryside opened your appetite? A slice of Waterloo cheese with a Waterloo brewed beer followed by slice of tarte au sucre (sugar pie) are sure to make you smile in delight...

The Waterloo and the 1815 Waterloo

It’s tasty, beautiful and organic! The Vielsalm organic cheese dairy produces flavoursome cheeses from organic cow’s milk in honour of the 1815 Battle. Both are made with quality milk from the Ardennes region.

They are perfect for an appetiser, with bread or used in food preparations.

Les Apéros de Philomène

This artisanal liqueur distillery, set up in a magnificent barn, offers a range of aperitifs made from plants, fruit wines, pekets, as well as jellies and syrups. They are homemade and natural.

To know more of the secrets of their production, be sure to visit the place!

Waterloo Beer

This beer whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages is brewed in the microbrewery of the Mont-Saint-Jean Farm. The actual version of this beer was created for the bicentenary of the battle.

It is brewed with the best natural ingredients and top fermented.

You’ll be able to discover this know-how during a tour of the brewery.

Waterloo Sugar Tart

This local speciality uses brown sugar and above all a leavened dough that cannot be found in the shops! Its history goes back more than 100 years, when women used to make this tart for fetes. Today, the Brotherhood of the Master Pavers, Writers and Eaters of the Waterloo Sugar Tart protects its integrity. It can be eaten warm or hot…

You’ll melt with pleasure!

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