Good Taste in Charleroi

A cousin of the famous Liège meatball, the ‘vitoulet carolo’ is quite different – and equally popular with the locals. As for the exotically-named ‘Escavèche’, this is a fish dish which is not prepared at the last minute.


Although it is of Spanish origin, escabeche has quickly become ingrained in the habitus in Charleroi. Originally, the preparation was used for preserving meat and fish thanks to the vinegar that it contained. Today, it is a recipe made with trout or eels which is eaten cold, two days after its preparation.

La Blanche de Charleroi

This white beer made from malt and wheat was first produced in a listed 18th-century building close to Aulne Abbey (not far from Charleroi). Its main characteristic is its fruity and thirst-quenching flavour with hints of orange, coriander and pineapple.

Les vitoulets

Vitoulets are meatballs that owe their name to the rapidity of the length of time it takes to cook them, which makes it possible to prepare them in advance in case an unexpected guest turns up.

La gayette de Charleroi

This is a little soft truffle, garnished with butter cream and wrapped in milk chocolate with the appearance of coal. It symbolises the industrial history of the region.