Shopping in Charleroi is unthinkable without buying a comic

There’s a wealth of unusual shops in Charleroi, so to help you make your plans here’s a selection of some of the best places for your shopping tour.

Le Palais du Bas

Established in a former iconic shop in Charleroi, this gallery is dedicated to the comic strip, but also to all the various forms of the 9th art. It is a meeting place for collectors, and also hosts temporary exhibits and other events.

Wonder Friends

From the cheekiest items to the trendiest, Wonder Friends offers a range of fun and designer accessories for the young and the old. Here, you’ll find decorative objects, jewellery, accessories for men and women, clothes, and even toys for children.

Pop NC

This Pop-up Store hosts varied artists’ and craftspeople’s creations: furniture, clothes, jewellery, decorative objects, etc. The shop is required to change place each year and occupies the town centre’s free spaces with the aim of making a district dynamic and stimulating design there.