Where to eat after exploring the slag heaps in their new natural habitat ?

Between a restaurant with the allure of a bistro and a friterie for a simple bag of fries with the family, you’ll also find a number of modern places.

Le Bistro

For more than a century, this regional bistro located in the town centre is at the core of active life in Charleroi. Here, you’ll discover a place full of history, emotion and traditions of Charleroi.

Robert la Frite

Want to eat a packet of chips at any time? It’s possible thanks to Fritkot de Robert! This little chips kiosk, which is known in Charleroi, is the reference address for enjoying delicious chips in a convivial atmosphere.

La Brasserie de la Digue

Established on the Place de la Digue, this modern and cosy brasserie has been renovated recently and welcomes locals and tourists who wish to sample a menu that goes right to the essential without disappointing.