Fine, generous cuisine – Just Like the Liégeois

The gastronomy of Liège reflects the generosity of the people: waffles (known as ‘gaufres’), Bouquettes, Lacquements accompanied by pèkèt, or two novelties: La Curtius, a blond beer that is at the same time bitter, floral and fruity, and ‘Belgian Owl’ whisky, savoured by international enthusiasts.

Les boulets

This famous typical Liège dish which goes back to the 18th century is a real institution for the locals. The boulet is really a meatball. It is covered by sweet syrup made from Liège syrup and onions – yum, yum!

La curtius

The Curtius is a light blonde beer with a subtle bitter, floral and fruity taste. This beer of character is brewed in the new installations of the Brasserie C (brewery). You’ll be able to sample the Curtius there and visit the place.

The pèkèt

In Liège, the pèkèt is particularly appreciated and accompanies all festive events! This alcohol from the Meuse region is made from juniper berries and can be found natural, flavoured with all sorts of savours, but also flamed. In short, it comes in all colours and for all tastes.

La gaufre de Liège

World-famous, this sweet treat will make you melt with pleasure. At every street corner in Liège, where it comes from, a sweet aroma of vanilla and caramel escapes to the great delight of gourmets.