What souvenir to bring back and where to find the perfect gift ?

While touring the streets of Mons, you’re bound to pass in front of one of these shops. Take the time to stop there and get acquainted with their offerings.

Petit pois

This shop for the young ones will also please the adults for its designer decorative objects and accessories in a smooth and soft universe.

Chez Babette

In the rue des Fripiers, a young mum made her dream come true – to showcase crafts and reconnect with humankind. Entering Chez Babette is entering a universe composed of all kinds of creations – earrings, bracelets, hats made by different artists.

Mons où venir

Searching for a souvenir or just an exclusive product? The Mons Où Venir shop offers you unique items made by local craftspeople and artists. They come in diverse themes such as Belgium or even the Doudou, the star element of the folklore of Mons.