‘Rabbit of Lost Monday’ is accompanied by the tradition of the the ‘King’s Tickets’

There are many culinary traditions to taste and discover in Tournai. One of the famous one is linked to Epiphany celebrations in January. The meal starts with drawing what is called "The King's tickets", assigning seats and roles to each guest and deciding who the king of the day is. Along the many rules to follow is this one: if the monarch drinks, so shall the rest of the assembly. The meal will feature one of the local favourite dishes: rabbit cooked the Tournai way.

The Lost Monday and rabbit cooked the Tournai way

Wondering the origin of such a strange name, the ‘Lost Monday’? This day off was both a joy and a curse as no one would get a salary. No paid holiday yet, you see... 

It was traditional to indulge in a “Tournai” rabbit, cooked with prunes and grapes and served with boiled potatoes.

The Tournaisien

This aperitif is made from cherries. Quite sweet, yes, but such a treat.

The Tournay

The local beer and the only one brewed in town, by the Brasserie de Cazeau. Ale, dark, triple or Christmas beer: it comes in different colours and types. Its characteristic is the purity of the ingredients used – just barley and hops and only the best. These beers are bottle-conditioned, unpasteurised and unfiltered. 

The Clovis

This cake was created to mark the mark of the 1,500th anniversary of the death of the Merovingian King Childeric and the coronation of his son Clovis in Tournai, the capital at this time. This incredibly delicious dessert is made with frangipane on a base of apricot and pineapple jam and topped with a glazing of flaked almonds. A real delight!