Even the local gastronomy is a tribute to Godefroid de Bouillon !

Semois trout is a pleasure and a speciality dish that is popular with tourists in many of the town’s restaurants.  And their menus appeal to other tastes, especially when cheese and coffee are served. 

Semois Trout

The River Semois, which is rich in trout, flows through Bouillon. Trout are appreciated so much that a festival is dedicated to them. Be sure to taste this fish prepared in many restaurants in Bouillon and the surrounding area.

Civet de sanglier

Bouillon’s strong sense of history influences its cuisine. A favourite local dish is civet de sanglier – jugged wild boar cooked with white wine and ginger - the sort of thing the Crusaders might have eaten to fortify them on their dangerous journey to Jerusalem.

L’oeillet du Château

Under this curious name, a well-kept secret is tucked away in the castle’s cellars… This hard cheese made from unpasteurised goat’s milk owes the quality of its maturation to the temperature of the cellars which does not exceed 13 degrees.

La Bouillonnaise

This brown beer is brewed in the Brasserie de Bouillon. Simple, rustic and robust are without a doubt the best adjectives to describe it. Its label is designed by the illustrator Roswell.

Le Croisé

Created in 1996 on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the First Crusade, this biscuit, a speciality of Bouillon, bears the image of Godfrey of Bouillon. Similar to speculoos but low in sugar, it is presented in a pretty metal box decorated with the fortress and the famous historical figure!