Wine, beer, meatballs and pralines: a treat for everyone in Huy

This introduction to the many delights of Huy might very well make your mouth water - it's all about a fantastic local beer, festive white wine, meatballs to die for and the most extraordinary pralines... Read on!

The Saint-Mengold

Saint-Mengold is special to the town of Huy. Born out of the desire of an inhabitant to produce a local craft beer, this amber top-fermented brew had now conquered the heart (and taste buds) of the locals. IGive it a try: its a relatively soft taste proves very aromatic.

The Clos des Prébendiers white wine

Wallonia also produces wine! The white wine of the Clos des Prébendiers, a blend of three grape varieties, is the perfect example of the Belgian savoir-faire. The vineyard can, of course, be visited, should you wish to learn more about the maintenance of the vineyard, the grape harvests and the winemaking process.

The Boulettes à la Saint-Mengold

Huy being part of the province of Liège, meatballs are a key element of the local gastronomy. Here, they are prepared with the local beer to the full delight of foodies and gourmets.

La Terre de Huy and le Caillou de Meuse

It’s all of the Hutois know-how that comes together in these pralines: a real association of taste and flavours. The first is the combination of dark chocolate with marc brandy from the Clos Bois Marie, a local vineyard, while the second blends milk chocolate with Saint-Mengold beer. Delicious. And addictive - you've been warned!