Relax and sip a cocktail or a pint of Saint-Mengold

Huy is a wonderfully friendly place - it's all about sharing good times! Here are a few places to sit down and relax with the perfect drink.

Le Bolus

This regional bar is a pleasant and convivial address to have a drink after a busy day. You’ll be won over by the kindness of the staff as well as the produce on offer. You’ll be able to sample regional products like the Saint-Mengold beer.

Contre Vent & Marées

This exotically-decorated bar serving exotic cocktails allows you to get away from it all! The menu offers a wide choice of alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks. Please note that under 18s are not allowed on the premises.

Arôme et Volup’thés

Step into this tasting room and let the pleasant aroma of coffee overwhelm your senses. There you will find local and foreign coffee, a very wide selection of loose tea, regional whisky and many more treasures. Fantastic time in a fabulous modern atmosphere guaranteed. If one of the ingredients steals your heart, you can, of course, purchase it from the counter and take a little of Wallonia back home.