Local specialties, sure to delight all foodies

La Roche-en-Ardenne is known for its traditional soup festival, taking place every year. There are a lot more local specialties to taste! Make sure to try the sweet baisers (kisses) biscuits, imagined by Monsieur Danloy, or the local beer and brandy.

Les baisers de La Roche

Under this charming name a sweet petit-four that will tempt more than one person. In the 1950s, Monsieur Danloy had the great idea to create a little cake easy to eat and transport. Made of a meringue biscuit on a base of almond paste and butter cream, this pastry very quickly delighted the locals as well as tourists.

The Purnalet

Going back to the Gallo-Roman era, the history of Purnalet, a liqueur made from brandy and sloes, is intimately linked to that of the inhabitants. They picked the sloes after the first frosts, and then put them in large terra cotta pots with a little honey and Genever gin – a method which remains unchanged today!

The Féodale

Blonde, amber or full-bodied brown beer –  you choose! These beers brewed following a specific recipe are a product that’s 100% regional. The special malt used is the source of their colour, but also of their little hint of “fruity caramel”.

Ardenne Ham

Famous all over Belgium, Ardenne ham has the “protected geographical indication” (PGI) label. It is characterised mainly by the fact that the preparation is divided into essential stages such as the salt curing or even the maturation.