• Folklore and Tradition

Saint Hubert, considered protector of hunters since the 19th century, is also asked of his blessing when it comes to dogs and horses. If you love traditions, make sure to stop by in Saint Hubert to see the ceremony.

Many animations will take place from 9 am in front of the basilica: folkloric groups, an artisanal market (with tasting of local products and wine), hunting horns being sounded and of course gatherings of hunters, horsemen, members of the Saint Hubert fellowship and flag throwers.

After the mass, around 11 am, holy bread will be distributed and animals blessed outside the church.


  • 9 am: mass at the Saint Hubert's altar
  • 11 am: holy mass in honour of Saint Hubert by the Royal-Forêt Saint-Hubert, joined by the church's choir (basilica)
  • 12.30 pm: blessing of the animals (in front of the basilica)
  • 3 pm: vespers at the basilica with blessing of the bread and further blessing of the animals

Practical information

  • Each mass will be celebrated in full respect of Covid refulations. Masks are mandatory.
  • Number of person limited for each mass: please book in advance
  • For obvious reasons, regulations do not allow for the distribution of consecrated bread: please bring your own bread
  • Blessings of the animals will take place Place de l'Abbaye


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Event planned for the month of November 2019 (1)

(1) Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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