Juillet Musical d’Aulne, our favourite event of the year, offers an eclectic program of classical music with international artists, conductors and orchestras joining in. The concerts take place in the prestigious setting of the Aulne Abbey. Other iconic events through the year are the Saint-Roch folkloric march, the Ducasse aux cerises and a festival featuring Belgian singers.

The Saint-Roch folkloric March - May

This march started in 1961 as a tribute to the 17th century Notre Dame pilgrimage. It continues to gather an impressive number of participants every year, all dressed in costumes inspired by the First Empire. 9 different companies join in, with one of children aged 3 to 16.

La Ducasse aux cerises de Biercée - July

An absolute must! la Ducasse aux cerises, a cherry-themed festival, brings more cheerfulness along: a festive evening, a flea market, a shop, dancing and more.

Scène sur Sambre - August

A funky summer festival: its stage floats on the Sambre, with the Abbey of Aulne and its stunning valley in the background. A fantastic opportunity to see Belgian artists such as Kid Noize, Suarez and Arno perform.

Here is our selection of events in and near Thuin: