The ‘Couque’ of Dinant: suck it so you don’t break your teeth!

The gastronomy of Dinant is shared between wine, beer, flamiche and Couque de Dinant. The Couque, with its thematic shapes, is delicious, but if you try to chew it watch out for your teeth! The Dinant ‘flamiche’ is easier to enjoy. And why not accompany these local specialities with wine from the château or a caracole? 

La Flamiche dinantaise

La Flamiche, a tart from Dinant is made from fat cheese (boulette de Romedenne), butter and eggs. It is supposed to have been created by an imaginative farmer’s wife after letting her basket full of eggs, butter and cheese fall accidentally. On the first day in September, a contest to see who can eat the most Flamiche tarts is organised!

Château Bon Baron Wines

This vineyard situated in the Sambre and Meuse Valleys offers quality wines made traditionally with a focus on an ecological approach. These wines have the “Côte de Sambre et Meuse” Protected Designation of Origin status. You’ll be able to visit the vineyard by appointment.

La Couque de Dinant

The couque de Dinant, a veritable Dinant tradition, is a biscuit known for being particularly hard. It comes in various shapes according to the seasons and festivities. However, it retains the three basic ingredients used to make it: honey, flour and sugar. A little tip for sampling it – don’t try to bite into it, or you’ll break your teeth, you have to suck the biscuit instead!

La Caracole

La Caracole is a hops-flavoured amber beer with hints of spice. It will seduce you with its lovely perfectly balanced bitterness along with its slight hints of orange blossom, mocha and liquorice. It is produced by the Brasserie Caracole who brews in the old way in copper tanks heated on a wood fire. Be sure to prolong your exploration by visiting the area!