Durbuy’s gastronomy is as famous as its charming little lanes

In the image of Durbuy’s culinary specialities are made of simple products, locally sourced and lovingly prepared. Three producers open their doors to the public, so you can go behind the scenes to see Marckloff beer, goats’ cheese and even artisanal jam being made.

Truite aux orties

A typical dish of the town, trout with nettles is eaten in restaurants as well as in the homes of Durbuy. This very “natural” recipe can be created by adventurers in the heart of the forest or sampled in a good restaurant. For the more courageous, you’ll have to obviously gather the nettles and fish for trout!

Tartouille durbuysienne

This rather special quiche, named after Durbuy, is made with blue Adele cheese, cream, dried strips of Ardennes ham, and garnished with walnuts.

Ozo’s Goat Cheese

If you want to taste natural produce, this address is not to be missed! This goat dairy is a working farm for more than 25 years combining tradition with respect for the animal, which is fed with hay from the farm’s meadows. It produces a variety of delicious cheeses like those made from unpasteurised milk, goat’s milk fromage frais or mature cheeses. The property also offers an educational tour of the place, from the goat dairy to the cheese ageing rooms.  

Marckloff Beer

If we had to mention just one speciality of Durbuy, for some, that would be Marckloff beer indisputably! It’s an amber, top-fermented beer with a gentle taste and a light hint of bitterness. It is brewed at the Ferme du Chêne where you’ll be able to discover the brewing process as well as sample beer dishes.

Saint-Amour Jam

Fond of tasty little local products? The Confiturerie Saint-Amour should appeal to you! This artisan and family-run jam factory, passed down from father to son, offers more than 40 varieties of jams! You’ll also find jellies of flowers (dandelion, lilac) and wild fruits (elderberry, hawthorn), flavoured vinegar and medicinal products (massage oils, syrups, etc.) here. The workshop is open to the public. You’ll be able to watch a film here on the making of jams.