At Spa, cuisine rhymes with nature and history

Nestling in wooded hills, Spa has taken advantage of the blueberries that grow there to turn them into appetisers or pralines. As for the local beer, it is inspired by the history of the city and the famous visitors of yesteryear.

Rosée de Spa

Spa is surrounded by forests that offer 1,001 natural riches. Blueberry is very much part of it. This fruit forms the basis of ‘la Rosée de Spa’, a subtle mixture of blueberry and apple. This 100% organic aperitif is best drunk fresh – and on every possible occasion.

La Bobeline

Bobeline is a local beer which refers to the nickname given to tourists of yesteryear who came to Spa to take the waters. It comes in different flavours. Whether it’s blonde, black or a Christmas edition, you’ll be able to appreciate the complex and subtle taste of it.

Les boulettes à la Bobeline

In the province of Liège, meatballs are sacred! The town of Spa is no exception with its meatballs made with Bobeline. Their sauce has a great taste of full-flavoured beer. A little tip – serve a brown beer such as Bobeline Black Label with your dish.

La Spadoise

This delicious praline combines blueberries from the surrounding woods with chocolate – a real delight not to be missed!