A walk in the Wildlife Nature Reserve by the Caves of Han

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Take a walk through the Wildlife Nature Reserve in Han sur Lesse. A 5 km hiking trail offers a wonderful opportunity to see animals up close.

This path follows the route of the panoramic tram which once took visitors all the way to the cave. Along the trail, nature guides will show you the caring and feeding of the animals.

Observation points, a bridge perfect to admire the deer grazing in the plains, as well as picnic areas can be found along the trail.

Tired? No worry: you can jump on one of safari cars going back and forth any time.

Also part of the Caves of Han estate:




>> Visit of the Han 1900 museum and of the wildlife park (either walking or taking the safari car) : Adults: 21.5€ Children (4-11 y.o.): 15.5€. Free for children under 4. >> PassHan (Cave of Han, Wildlife Park, PrhistoHan and Han 1900 museum): Adults: 31.9€ Children (4-11 y.o.): 22.9€. Free for children under 4.
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