The 1815 Memorial museum: a historical site retracing the battle of Waterloo

  • Memorial 1815, a historical site retracing the Battle of Waterloo
  • Memorial 1815, a historical site retracing the Battle of Waterloo
  • Memorial 1815, a historical site retracing the Battle of Waterloo
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  • Classification officielle d'une attraction en Wallonie : 4 soleils
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(Re)discover this famous page of Walloon history, straight on the battlefield which witnessed the battle on June 18th, 1815. More than a museum, this is a multi-sensorial, immersive experience. Come with friends and family and learn more about this event, a turning point in the history of Europe.

The Memorial offer a fascinating interactive trail, its special effects offering a real journey through time. The experience includes a 4D movie. Everything will be revealed: the historical context, the unrolling of the events and the consequences of the battle...

Your visit

Visitors can explore the museum on their own, audio guide in hand, learning, as they go along of Europe in the 19th century, the troops, their uniforms, their weapons, what a bivouac looked like.

The narrative scenography included augmented reality animations and maps.

The 4D movie, designed by Gérard Corbiau, will place you at the very heart of the battle, the soldiers running all around you. Impressive to say the least.

The visit concludes on the victory of the British troops and the defeat of the French one. The museum also highlights the consequences of the battle and how it would help build a modern Europe.

The Memorial museum is part of the 1815 Memorial. .

Visitors with specific needs

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  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing: Leafets retracing the content of the audio guide are available from reception.



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