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Follow in the footsteps of the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon's Imperial troops with this 1815 walk around the battlefield. A fantastic opportunity to see the historical location that would change the map of Europe.

The starting point: the Lion's Mound

Stop by the Tourist Office in the centre of Waterloo to get the map of this 14 km itinerary and follow the trail at your own pace... walking, cycling or even horse riding.

Discovering the Walloon Brabant farms and historical monuments

The path goes through the countryside, revealing stunning landscapes near Braine-l’Alleud, Genappe, Lasne and Waterloo. Your historical walk will pass milestones commemorating the battle: monuments, farms, combat locations.

You will find a range of taverns and restaurants along the walk.

Here is a list of the monument, farms and attractions on this 1815 remembrance walk:

  • The monument to the Belgian soldiers
  • The monument to the Hanoverian soldiers
  • The Fichermont convent
  • The Papelotte farm
  • The monument to the Prussian soldiers
  • The Chantelet farm and the Baroque chapel
  • Napoléon's last headquarters
  • The Belle-Alliance farm
  • The Victor Hugo monument
  • The "Wounded Eagle" French monument
  • The Hougoumont farm
  • The Lion's Mound
  • The Gordon monument
  • The Haie Sainte farm


218 ,Chaussée de Bruxelles,1410Waterloo
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Maximum distance : 14 Km


Cycle rack - Parking


Pets allowed

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