The 1914-18 memorial trail: learn more about the battle of Sambre et Meuse

  • The 1914-18 memorial trail: the Battle of the Sambre
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This 1914-1918 historical route, 33 km long, will take you through Fosses-la-Ville, Aiseau-Presles and Sambreville where the Battle of the Sambre took place: a moving itinerary to better understand what Wallonia endured during the first world war.

The battle of Sambre et Meuse took place on August 22, 1914 in Fosses-la-Ville. The French army suffered great losses in the Belle Motte plain. The necropolis of Belle-Motte is witness to that. It holds a record, but a sad one: of being the second largest military cemetery in Belgium.

At each historical point of interest, didactic panels will give you more insight on what happened at this particular location. Want to know more still? Simply scan the QR codes along them to access additional information.

The itinerary counts a number of stops, each coming with didactic panels explaining what happened at each location. Each has a QR code for those wanting more information still.

Remarkable locations

The Belle-Motte necropolis is likely to take your breath away: over 4,000 soldiers are buried in this war cemetery. The Cotelle monument pays tribute to Lieutenant Georges Cotelle, a Breton hero of that dramatic page of history.

15 km of this trail, around Fosses-la-Ville or fragmented by village or theme. It has been designed to be driven, cycled or walked.

This memorial itinerary can be combined with the RAVel 150A.




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