The Agri-musée: keeping the memory of agricultural life in times past alive


It took almost 30 years to gather the 5,000 items now featured in the Agri-musée in Rochehaut. This memory of agricultural life in times past also aims at keeping this incredible know-how alive, share this knowledge, create emotions and reconnect the visitors with nature...

A journey through time

the museum stretches over 3 floors,1400 m² in total, and features 20 staged spaces featuring hundreds of tools and machines, some quite unique in the world. Many still work.


Each scene is animated with lights and sound.

Visitors can do the visit in farmers' clothes if they wish. Why not take the opportunity to visit the Wildlife Park on site? Combined tickets are available from the front desk.



  • Parking
  • Barbecue/picnic area


Audioguide/mobile app/tablet
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