An architecural exhibition at the Grand Curtius

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  • Exhibition
From Monday 03 June 2019 to Friday 03 June 2022.

Between 1860 and 1960, before architecture entered a technical era caring very little for details, much care was brought to the decorative value of façades. This exhibition features 300 photos detailed the variety of shapes and materials used to sublime buildings in Liège.

Fascinating details

Local architects, artists and artisans have added their creative touch to the town's buildings. Look out for real gems such as:

  • gargoyles along ledges 
  • flowers carved on the side of a door
  • a mysterious woman's face on a lintel
  • a sunset depicted on a ceramic tile
  • majestic parrots on stained windows...

This exhibition highlights these gorgeous architectural gems.



From Monday 03 June 2019 to Friday 03 June 2022.


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