The Arthothèque: discover the life of museums backstage

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The Arthothèque reveals the hidden life of no less than 50,000 artworks, their renovations, the way they are stored and protected when not on show to the public.

Nestled in the former chapel of the Ursulines convent, a stunning example of 17th century architecture, the Artothèque is a place of conservation, restoration and study of the Montois heritage. 

This cultural site also works at making the whole of its collection accessible digitally - think high-resolution, 3D, zoom in Minority-report like... A fantastic way to make the whole of its archive (in time!) accessible to all but also give you a glimpse of how museums work.

 Why not take a backstage tour of the site to learn more about the site and the skills in preserving historical masterpieces?

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