Au Canard Gourmand, duck farm near Sprimont

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In Fraiture, a picturesque village located near Sprimont, Myriam and Marc Lamy offer you a guided tour of their duck farm.

Have you ever wondered how to manage palmid farming? How do we feed them? Or how are the essential products of the end of year celebrations prepared? So, don't hesitate any more and come and visit the Au Canard Gourmand farm now.

Although the foie gras is controversial, these passionate breeders will make you discover their craft respecting the comfort and well-being of ducks. They also process other by-products such as rillettes, duck breast and other delicacies.

What you will discover with Visit'Entreprise

Visit the breeding area and discover Mulard ducks (the star of the French Foie Gras, resulting from the cross between Peking ducks and Barbary ducks). You'll then go to the shop where the culinary preparations are made. The end of the visit will end as it should be with the tasting of this delicious specialty.



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