• Folklore and Tradition

This festive carnival was created by the Crocheux Guild of Basècles to revive the local sport, called crossage.

Friday evening

The Carnival guilds will open the festivities at the Town hall where the mayor will symbolically give the keys of the city to the President of the Crocheux association.


Procession and family time! The day will start at 10:00 when the participants gather.

At 13:30, the procession will start from the Grand Place, heading for the Rue Grande (the main street of the village), returning to the Grand Place at 16:30. The children will then do a Rondeau (traditional dances) with musicians. 

At 22:30, everyone returns to the Grand Place for more traditional dancing and the much-looked forward fireworks.


The Crocheux will play crossage through the town, which is played by teams of 3. All have a stick, only one team has a ball and needs to take it through the streets to a predefined goal.



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Event planned for the month of February 2022 (1)

(1) Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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