The Bayard Rock, an impressive rock formation at the entrance of Dinant

The Bayard Rock, at the entrance of Dinant, is a spectacular 35 m high ridge, perfectly detached from the rest of the cliff. Made by Louis XIV's troops in the 17th century, it was enlarged through time to allow cars and vehicles through the town…

The legend of Rock Bayard

It is said that 4 knights, each a son of Aymon, were trying to escape Charlemagne, riding a magic bay horse. As the extraordinary creature jumped over the Meuse near Dinant, one of its mighty hooves touched the cliff, separating the ridge from the rest of the rocky formation.

Worth seeing in the area

Kayaking down the Lesse with Kayaks Libert (1 km),

The citadel of Dinant, a fortress in the Meuse valley   (2 km),

La Merveilleuse, a grotto in Dinant (3 km),

Leffe Beer Museum (2.5 km)

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