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This spectacular historical re-enactment of the "Charles Quint and the three Auvergnats" tells the story of Charles-Quint in Beaumont. 

More than 600 participants join the historical procession, which takes place every 5 years and attracts more than 10,000 spectators.

A living legend

The Sunday, the whole city will travel in time, back to the 16th century: medieval fair, fights on stilts, flag throwers, falconry demonstrations, stuntmen, minstrels, fire eaters... The best part of the day is, of course, the re-enactment of the legend itself.


City of Beaumont, City of disaster! Arrived at noon, hung in the hour!

As he walked through the countryside around the city, Charles-Quint was mugged by 3 peddlers from Auvergne. The 3 strangers, however, did not know who they had just attacked...

They forced the Emperor to come off his horse and to carry their bundle into town. Once there, Charles-Quint calls the guards for help, as the bells ring, marking noon. The peddlers are immediately arrested, judged on the spot - no mercy there: they will be hung on Grand-place by the time the bells strike 1 pm.

A colourful city

Every 5 years, Beaumont takes pride in re-enacting the famous legend, making it more grandiose each time.

For the occasion, the streets get dressed up with banners sporting Charles-Quint's colours as well as the 17 provinces of the Spanish Dutch regions'. It's quite a party, lasting no less than 3 days.


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Event planned for the month of October 2021
Dates and programme may be subject to change.

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