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Discover the Belgian Luxembourg and its rich natural heritage and enjoy its traditions and warm welcome. A real slice of authentic Ardenne!

The Belgian Luxembourg makes a point of focusing on cheerfulness and sharing.

Such a stunning region

The Belgian Luxembourg invites visitors to:

  • admire its exceptional natural heritage, extraordinarily well preserved, both wild and peaceful
  • enjoy a journey through time at the Cistercian Orval abbey, known for its Trappist beer and cheese
  • visit Bouillon castle built in the 10th century, which used to be Godfroy of Bouillon's
  • explore the Caves of Hotton, a real gem
  • wander through La Roche or Durbuy (the smallest town in the world)
  • see Saint-Hubert, the European capital of hunting and nature
  • make the most of its folkloric events and festivals (Count of Chiny festival Chassepierre street arts festival...)

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