The Belle Motte cemetery in Aiseau-Presles

  • Monument

The Belle Motte is one of the biggest French WWI military cemeteries in Belgium. It can be found near Charleroi, in the Province of Hainaut.

Look around. You are at the edge of the villages of Le Roux and Aisneau, where the Battle of the Sambre and Meuse took place on August 22nd, 1914. The fighting was fierce:  over 4,000 soldiers are buried in this cemetery. Most came from Brittany, others from Normandy, Bordeaux, the North of France and North Africa.

The first stones were places in 1917 by the Germans. There was, until 1954, a small group of German graves there, later transferred to the Langemark cemetery.

At the heart of the graveyard can be seen a gothic arch: the start of a commemorative chapel started by the Germans in 1917. A plaque has been added, paying tribute to the French-Belgian friendship.

A ceremony is organised every year on August 19th.

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