The Biérodrome, a brewery and craft beer tasting bar in Tournai

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  • Local producer

The Biérodrome, located along the Escaut, is fully dedicated to craft beer: the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity about the brewing world... and your tastebuds, of course.

Aside the Biérodrome's own beer, brewed on site, visitors can taste and/or buy more than 200 craft beers, with a wonderful selection of local brews.

You can:

  • Learn the secrets of this pico-brewery by visiting its infrastructures
  • Enjoy a relaxing time, tasting quality beers
  • Get to be brewer in the creative workshop
  • Buy fantastic beers in the heavenly Biérodrome's shop

The Biérodrome pico-brewery invites beer lovers to try little little-known beers and the most adventurers to created their very own brew.




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