The Binche Belfy, listed by UNESCO

  • The Binche Belfy, listed by UNESCO
  • Monument
  • Architectural heritage

The Binche belfry, part of the town hall, was built in the 14th century. Burnt down by the French in 1554, the hall was soon restored in a Renaissance style by architect Du Broeucq. In the 18th century, the architect Dewelz covered the building with a neoclassical façade but, after major restoration works in 1901, the town hall regained its Renaissance appearance. A Baroque onion-shaped dome crowns the belfry home to a carillon: a few of its bells date back to the 16th-century. Charles V and his sister Mary of Hungary's adorn the building.
The belfry is listed by UNESCO.
For more information, please contact the local Tourist Office (Hôtel de Ville, Grand-Place, 7130 Binche).
The inside of the belfry is not open to the public.
Included in the Guided tour of Binche.



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