Bouillon Hunting and Game Fair

  • Demonstration
Wednesday 11 November 2020

This folkloric tradition celebrates Saint Hubert, known in Wallonia as the protector of hunters.

A market featuring...

  • Game such as boar and deer meat, pâtés, charcuterie...
  • Cheese, catered dishes, beer, apéritifs, champagne...
  • Quality creations made by passionate artisans: seasonal clothes, jewels, wooden utensils...
  • Animations
  • Alphorn players


  • Solemn ceremony at the Saints-Pierre-et-Paul church (10 am) with alphorn players joining in
  • Procession starting from the Dauphin bastion (2.30 pm)
  • Blessing of small and big animals (3 pm)



Wednesday 11 November 2020
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