Braine-le-Château's Lapidurium, a unique and fascinating site

  • Architectural heritage
  • Religious heritage

The Lapidurium was built in a former cemetery, between the Cchâteau des comtes de Hornes and the Church of St-Remy, in the historical heart of Braine-le-Château. This unique site in Wallonia, dedicated to memory set in stone, features 66 tombstones, funerary slabs and crosses.

  • The small tour will take you through the historical centre of Braine-le-Château, where you will learn the history of the town. The visit includes the Banal Mill and the count's castle (architectural changes of the building, history of the famous families having lived there)
  • Visit of the Lapidurium and the Church of St-Remy (gravestones, stained windows)
  • Visit of the Grand-Place with its pillory and of the Bailiff’s house

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Minimum duration2:30



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