Brasserie de Cazeau in Tournai

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The Brasserie de Cazeau, a family brewery, invites you to try their craft beer, full of character.

Authenticity in the brewing process

The Brasserie de Cazeau is a family brewery dating back to 1753. Its 5 craft beers are unfiltered, free of preservatives and all get a second bottle refermentation.

It also is in this small brewery that the "Tournay" is created: a golden lager, using natural ingredients and based on a high fermentation process.

A renowned beer

The 5 beers of the brewery won several awards: Gold winner of the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2013 (Saison Cazeau) – Gold Winner of the Concours International de Lyon (Saison Cazeau, Tournay Noire, Tournay Blonde, Tournay Triple), best stout in 2014 at the Best Belgian Beer (Tournay Noire)



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