The Canadian totem in Virton: a moving memory of a special friendship

As part of the agreement with NATO, airforces from accross the Atlantic built strategic bases in Europe, including the Marville one in France. In 1955, Virton, like Florenville and Longuyon in France, did their best to welcome hundreds of 1st wing Canadian airmen and their families, then looking for a shelter.

A friendship was born

The two communities worked well together, forging strong links and a real friendship was born. When time came for the Canadians to go back home, March 11, 1967, the town decided to organise a party to show how esteemed they were in Virton. The Canadians, in turn, made a gift: an authentic Indian totem, to prove how special their relationship was. The original artwork, which suffered from the passing years and weather, was resculpted by Claude Goffinet and inaugurated in 1992.

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