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With 264km of navigable waterways, the Hainaut region (La Louvière, Ronquières and Seneffes) is crisscrossed by charming canals with an impressive industrial and cultural heritage (UNESCO sites, historic boatlifts, mine sites, castles, beautiful parks).

Centrissime - Wallonie en famille

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The Maison du Tourisme invites you to discover the tourist attractions of the communes of Binche, Braine-le-Comte, Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Ecaussinnes, Estinnes, La Louvière, Le Roeulx, Manage, Morlanwelz, Seneffe And Soignies.


  • Enter the world of boating in the tower that dominates the inclined plane of Ronquières
  • See the hydraulic boat lift on the old Canal du Center
  • Discover the colossal boat lift of Strepy Thieu.
  • Walkers and cyclists using the RAVeL on the towpaths will appreciate the charm of the place.


  • Refined and prestigious sites such as the Château de Seneffe, home to the goldsmith's collections of the French Community
  • The quite exceptional Musée de Mariemont deserves a prolonged visit.

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The mobile app Centrissime (available on the App Store  and Google Play) features 40 walking and cycling trails through the region.


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