Chateau Comtal de Rochefort

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Formerly the biggest castle of the Famenne, the Count of Rochefort Castle is today known for its historical and archeological interest. Today, the fortress is visited during guided walks and offers fun activities for children.

Dating back to the 11th century, this fortress has served as an asylum for illustrious families such as Stolberg or Marck. Rochefort borrows its name from the fortress (rocha fortis) built on a rocky outcrop by the first lords of Rochefort, the Montaigu.

Guided walks & activities​​​​​​​

To visit this small jewel in Belgium's heritage, you are invited by Evelyne to take accompanied walks during school holidays and holidays. The castle is accessible all year round for groups (on reservation)  with the chance to particpate in treasure hunts and off the beaten track style walks.



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