The château de la petite Flémalle and its park

  • The château de la petite Flémalle and its park
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On your way to visit the Ardent city, why not stop in Flémalle and visit its castle and park? They won't fail to delight you.

  • A unusual, off the beaten path community house
  • 3 kinds of gardens in one park

The château de la Petite Flémal

The castle is on the Grand' Route (main road) and has housed the Flémalle town hall since 1938. It was built in several stages between the 17th and 18th century, with a final section added in 1984.

The parc de la Petite Flémal'

The park, next to the castle, is open to the public and features an Italian, French and English gardens. A wind rose lies at the park gates, opening onto an Italian-style garden with colourful flower beds. Follows a French garden, highlighted by a patterned roundabout. There is more to discover, a little further on: a landscaped "English" section, water features and rocks having been laid out to echo nature's whims.



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