The Château des Seigneurs d'Autel

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The Château d'Autelbas is the last castle in the plains of South Luxembourg which still has elevated features. It is thought to have been built in the 9th century by Huart the first of Autel, seneschal of King John the Blind and count of Luxembourg.

Symbol of the local noblemen's resistance against the Bourguignons, the site was besieged and destroyed in 1413. It was subsequently rebuilt, lived in until the 1960s and partly destroyed by fire in 1983. Subsist a third of the original volume. The ruins are being stabilised.

You can access the building (outside only) after visiting the museum of Autelbas and its archaeological site.

Visit of the museum, archeological site, castle for a group of 25 persons: €50
Duration: 2 hours


  •  + 32 (0)63/234639 (G. Fairon - G.R.A.S.B./Musée d'Autelbas a.s.b.l.)
  • +32 (0)63/217904 or +32 (0)496/251856 (J. Hainaut - " Vivre à Barnich " a.s.b.l.)



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