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Love visits with a twist? Try City Golf in Tournai: a fantastic way to see the town's cultural icons while having fun...

City Golf, accessible to all, in played in teams, with each group counting at least 6 persons.

Visit Tournai, golf club in hand

This exceptional tour will stop in Tournai's cultural spaces: the Grand-Place, the Rue des Chapeliers, Place Janson, Parc de l’Hôtel de Ville and Quai des Salines.

Forget greens! The city will turn into a unique 6-9 holes-golf course. A coach will guide you through this new activity. Here, you aim at a specific target (statues, bench, tree...) with a special soft foam ball. The "carpets" are made of syntheric turf.

A first in Wallonia

Tournai is the first (and only) city in the South of Belgiun to launch this fun urban activity, perfect with friends family or even for teambuilding experiences.

Cheerfulness guaranteed!

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