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Planning a city break in Liège? Take the time to visit the oldest building in the Fiery City, the Saint-Bartholomy collegiate church. This 12th-century building, at the very heart of the town centre and a few minutes' walk from the Meuse river, opens its doors to visitors on request.

As the churches of Saint-Denis and Saint-Martin, the architecture of Saint-Barthélemy underlines it once played an important part in the city's defences. It is the oldest religious construction in Liège, the exterior dating back to the 12th century with only the neoclassical entrance being a 1782 addition.

The bronze baptismal font (originally installed in Notre-Dame-aux-Fonts, a little church joined to Saint-Lambert Cathedral, and since then destroyed in 1794) is a silversmith masterpiece considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of Belgium. It was crafted by Renier d’Huy in the 12th century.

You can contact the collegiate church by phone between 10 am-noon and 2-5 pm.

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