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Take a stroll in Liège to discover exceptional contemporary sculptures...

La Piscine (The Swimming Pool)

Located at the entrance of the Citadel's hospital, this sculpture by Mady Andrien inspires peace and calm.

Le Plongeur et son arc (The Diver)

This sculpture by Idel Ianchelevici, featuring a 2.5 m high diver, can be found at the edge of the yacht marina. It is in fact a replica of a pieced created in 1939 for the International Exhibition dedicated to water techniques which took place in town. As the war started it was sheltered away and brought back in 2000.

L'envol (The Flight)

This monumental piece by René Julien, presenting two little girls playing leapfrog, is 5 m high. Commissioned by the Walloon government in 1992, it symbolises the South of Belgium's feeling of blossoming.

Les Principautaires (The Independent Regions)

Mady Andrien made this piece in 1992. It represents a group of representatives of the high clergy of the Prince Bishop, contrasting with smaller, cheerful characters.

La Tour cybernétique (The Cyber Tower)

La Tour cybernétique was created in 1961 by Franco-Hungarian artists Nicolas Schöffer. It moves with the light, wind, rain, temperature, noise, humidity, movements... perceived by its electronic core. It has a personality, a life of its own - although visitors can influence it too.



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