The Coo waterfall (Province of Liège)

  • Lake, water body or waterway

This waterfall, right at the heart of the village of Coo, is not only stunning: it also is the highest natural one in the whole of Belgium. The Amblève river falls down a full 15 metres height.

The story

The monks of the abbey of Stavelot are said to have developed part of the river to feed into a mill as early as 1483. They would not have created the waterfall but it is probable the stream would have overflowed on the nearby rocks. At the beginning of the 19th century, the fall already was a touristic sight, part of the iconic locations to check out near Spa. It still enchants visitors today... As do the following attractions:

A 5 km stroll around the lake

A hydropower plant was set up at the foot of the hill, by the Amblève. The building, beautifully integrated into this natural setting, overlooks two lakes. A paved road (designed to be stroller and wheelchair friendly) allows visitors to fully appreciate the atmosphere: flora, insects, butterflies, bees, ducks, waterfowls...


More information


Maximum distance5 Km
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