The Croix-Scaille cross-country ski slopes in Gedinne

  • Cross-country skiing

The Croix-Scaille cross-country ski slopes are ideas for snowy family days. Come on the heights of Gedinne and put your skis on!

The Croix-Scaille is a plateau in the forest of the Ardenne, overlooking the Semois valley and the Meuse.

The landscapes are beautiful from one season to another but add a snowy blanket, the Croix-Scaille adds cross-country skiing to its many assets.

There are 4 ski slopes, at 503 metres in altitude, to choose from: 2.5 km, 7 km, 9 km and 12 km.
They all leave from the ski lodge which serves as a cafeteria. There you can warm up, indulge in a hot drink or picnic.

Practical information

The tourist office rents ski equipment at the lodge.

If you have you own equipment, you only have to pay a fee to access the ski slopes.


More information


Minimum distance2.5 Km
Maximum distance12 Km



  • Equipment rental


  • Parking
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