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The Cussignière marshes stretch over a vast plain between the Batte river and the Cussigny stream in Lorraine. This unique site is mainly located in Belgium, between the villages of Baranzy and Signeulx, extending to France in places. A nature reserve has been established in its centre and grated tracks built to explore it easily.


The marshes appeared in 1945, after the use of the local wet meadows was abandoned. The stream of Cussigny, not looked after, got obstructed, flooding the area, developing a new natural environment. Home to marsh harriers for a while (who have now disappeared from the region), it was named a natural reserve. Its avifauna remains quite exceptional.

An easy path through

A wooden path, renovated in 2016, makes the site easier to discover to visitors.

Marais de la Cussignière,6750Baranzy
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