The Daily-Bul & Co Centre in La Louvière

The Daily-Bul & Co centre, in La Louvière, aims at preserving, cataloguing, hosting, protecting and valorising the collections and activities of Daily-Bul and its national and international colleagues.

Preserving Daily Bul's collections

Daily Bul is a publication, publishing house and philosophy created by André Balthazar and Bol Pury in La Louvière in 1957, following the CoBrA and Belgian surrealist movements.

Joined the collections El Batia Moûr Soû (a satirical magazine) and éditions 100Titres' archives, author and cartoonist Roland Breucker's and artist Henry Lejeune's archives, bailiff Luc Rémy's library, architect-poet-book lover Pierre Puttemans' library

A museum, an archive centre and an exhibition centre

Let this incredible cultural heritage immerse you in artistic creation and give you all the keys to understand the full Daily-Bul collection.

Exhibitions, linked to the collections, are regularly organised.

The boutique sells a range of publications, either original or linked to the archives.




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